St. Mary Magdalen provides the finest in Catholic education to our students. Our vibrant, innovative, integrated curriculum is designed to encourage students in every grade level to experience joy in tackling increasingly rigorous academic challenges. No matter where students are when they come to us, by the time they graduate, they will have mastered the skills they’ll need to excel in high school and beyond, discovering a lifelong love of learning along the way.

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The aim of Catholic education is to produce quality education which prepares convinced Christians to take their places in our society with confidence and with developed ability to help make a better world.

The philosophy of St. Mary Magdalen School centers upon the four aspects of message, community, service and worship as seen in the light of the following aims of Catholic education:

  1. To create within the school structure an atmosphere of enablement where in a faith community may be established.
  2. To provide an environment that fosters the intellectual development of each child within the context of a traditional curriculum.
  3. To encourage hopeful futurists who can face squarely the problems in our society but still believe strongly that good can overpower. It is through the message of Christianity, the support of community, the challenge of service and the experience of worship that this can be achieved.

The teachers and administration of St. Mary Magdalen School continuously plan and deliver a challenging curriculum that prepares students for high school and beyond. Students leave SMMS with a strong foundation in all subjects and important lessons and experiences in community, respect, and self-discipline.

- Mrs. Sirica, parent

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