Information for New Families K – 8

2017 – 2018

School hours:  8:50am to 3:05pm (doors open at 8:30am)

Extension Program:  a.m. care begins 7:00am and p.m. care ends at 6:00pm

Registration fee:  (includes books, materials & technology) is $225, which is non-refundable if child is accepted, refundable if child is not accepted. This fee is not part of tuition.

Fundraising obligation:  In addition to tuition, there is a per family fundraising obligation of $425. You can participate in the fundraisers or the $425 can be added to your tuition commitment.
Fundraisers include events such as magazine drive, golf tournament, pie sales, raffle, and auction/dinner dance, to state a few. Families are credited for all purchases according to profit margin.

*Catholic Parishioner tuition will be determined by your Pastor.


*Catholic Parishioner Other

KindergartenGrade 8

$ 4625

$ 5120

Second child

$ 4475

$ 4970

Each additional after two $ 4450

$ 4940

3 tuition payment options:
one payment in full due July 1, 2016
two payments; first half due July 1, 2016/second half due January 1, 2017 (F.A.C.TS. available)
10 monthly payments July 2016—April 2017 through F.A.C.T.S.
(directly from checking or savings account).

25% of the total tuition needs to be paid by new families when tuition contract is signed.

Buses:  Busing is available for students who live in Watertown, Oakville and the Bunker Hill portion of Waterbury.

Uniforms:  Formal, Summer and Gym uniforms are purchased through Dennis Uniform Co. .

Home and School Dues: $50.00 per family

Admission policy:
The order of acceptance is as follows:

1. Siblings
2. SMMC Parishioners/ present Pre-K students (going into Kindergarten)
3. Catholic Parishioners not registered at SMMC for at least one year
4. Non-Catholic

Information required at registration:
Copy of Birth Certificate long form
Copy of Baptismal Certificate if child has been baptized
$225.00 Registration fee
Copy of most recent Report Card for students entering grade 1-8