History of St. Mary Magdalen Parish

St. Mary Magdalen Church
Established 1900
1600 households

From 1884 until 1902, Oakville Catholics were the pastoral responsibility of Watertown. When St. Michael became a parish in the Waterville Section of Waterbury, Oakville came its mission. On land donated for church construction by the Oakville Pin Company, St. Mary Magdalen was erected and then dedicated on October 7, 1900. Irish and French-Canadian families formed the infant congregation, given parish status in 1914 Father John A. Conlan was named resident pastor. While a new church was being planned, fire tragically destroyed the old structure on January 25, 1952. Mass was held in the community theater until a new church was dedicated on July 27, 1952. A school was dedicated as a catechetical center on November 16, 1958, and was staffed by the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis.

St. Mary Magdalen Parish Registration Form

St. Mary Magdalen Church

St. Mary Magdalen Church
145 Buckingham Street, Oakville CT 06779-1728
Telephone: 860-274-9273   Fax: 860-274-2013
Email: stmmagdalen@aol.com
Deanery: Suburban Waterbury
Vicariate: Waterbury