Bus Routes For …2016-17

Parents: Please note that routes are subject to change when students move in or out of the route.  Parents are reminded that students should be ready and waiting at the bus stop at least ten minutes prior to the scheduled arrival.
Parents of kindergarten and first grade students:  these students  will not be allowed off the bus alone unless someone is there to meet them.
Routes* All times are approximate.

* The telephone number for Durham (all regular education bussing) is 203 591-1847.  The number for All Star Transportation (special education students with separate bussing) is 203 753-8366.


Additions to Waterbury Bus:

  • Bus 1, AM
    • Kenmore @ Buena Vista @ 8:23
    • Park Rd @ Douglas Ave @ 8:28
    • Spring Garden @ Irvington Ave @ 8:38
  • Bus 2, AM
    • Oakville Ave @ Deerfield Ave @ 8:18

Alert: If your child is going home on a different bus than they arrived on or if they will be picked-up, please send a note to the school so the staff can place your child on the correct bus or in the correct pick-up line.